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How Everything Began...

I remember as if it was yesterday. At young age I remember seeing my mother walking to the kitchen and every time she used to say: “Boys behave because I’m going to cook”. I was the only one to run behind her and stay by her side watching every step until she finished cooking. It continued for many years.

When I was a bit older, I remember her saying to me: “When you grow up, you will be a great cook like your mother.” Really then when she said that it seemed she already knew my future and that’s how I got my passion for cooking.

I am extremely passionate in making desserts, it is like therapy for me, I push myself to go much further with each day learning more, designing and also improving the quality of cakes to which my client’s standards and satisfaction are met.

I hope you got to know me a bit better through my story. Looking forward to hearing from you and your feedback.

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